Committed to building long-term relationships with employees who create value for the Company: 
       Zhong Lan Moxa Health attaches great importance to building long-term relationships with employees to seek common development. We always take our staff as the most valuable wealth of the Company, and spare every effort to provide them with good working environment and a variety of conditions in daily work to actively encourage them to learn and make innovations constantly. 

Awards and Salaries:
        Zhong Lan Moxa Health takes employee's performance as the measure for reward and salary. We will provide each employee with a fair and impartial evaluation platform. We have been actively encouraging and rewarding the hardworking staff. We will never provide unfair promotion opportunities and salaries due to the employee's gender, age, race and religion. Performance is always our assessment scale. We have provided a lot of help to give full play to their abilities. For example, we always invest the most valuable resources, arrange on-the-job training and assign teachers for new employees to help them quickly adapt to the working environment and familiarize with the enterprise culture in their initial stage.

Professional skills:
       We give much value to professionals who can bring professional skills for our team. We believe that it is the most appropriate choice to assign professional work to people with professional skills. Correspondingly, professionals will gain fully trust and affirmation in their work and are free to play their abilities, so as to better complete the task.

Vocational skills training program:
       Every employee can participate into various training programs aiming to improve related skills in our company. Besides, we encourage employees to join in some training programs which can help broaden commercial perception and improve business administration.

Language training programs:
       Nowadays, communication among different countries with various languages is very significant in the frequent international business. Therefore, we suggest employees actively study English and mandarin in order to meet increasing requirements of economic globalization development and ensure that the atmosphere of multi-language communication will be formed while working in the company.

       In order to support employee’s study and improve their ability to communicate in the office in English, we organized professional and selected English training programs. Our aim is to enable employees and directors to be familiar with some technical terms about economy and investment, and to communicate with foreign investors, researchers and colleagues more smoothly.

Setting of intranet:
       By setting and using the intranet in the company, we can strengthen the in-time information communication in the company. Furthermore, employees can express their views, exchange working information, and receive various information resources provided by human resources department and network technical support. We advocate the open and transparent spirits and accept employee’s reasonable opinions and suggestions so as to improve the company’s working environment.

Career development and plans for post communications:
       We insist on listening to employees’ demands. Employees’ positions will be changed from time to time according to company’s development. As for a new job, we will take job’s requirements and employees’ willingness into consideration at first. For employees who expect to develop their career potentials in our company, we will provide plans for post communications for them. People who choose this plan can work in any subsidiary companies of our company. We will make full use of advantages as a multi-industry company and try our best to provide development opportunities which are suitable for employees’ interests and strong points.

Job security:
        In order to guarantee employees’ personal safety and basic benefits, we have paid various insurance products for employees according to national regulations. Employees at abroad can also enjoy same insurance products including hospitalization insurances and personal accident insurance and so on in accordance with government regulations.

       In our company, we hope our employees can not only get a job, but also a sense of belonging. Over the past years, we all have organized various activities actively to unite teams and made the company a harmonious big family. 

Banquet for New Year:
       We hold the banquet for the Lunar New Year each year to make everyone feel the warmth of this big family. Besides enjoying the feast and watching wonderful performance, employees have opportunities to participate into the lucky draw.

Annual travel:
       We organize holiday travel for employees each year, which can enhance the friendship among colleagues and make everyone enjoy the team harmony.

       We encourage everyone to take an active part in various charity activities and promote the communities’ development. Each year, we will hold various kinds of volunteer activities by ourselves or cooperating with other institutions. The welfare also includes free lunch and monthly birthday parties for staff.
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