Role models

In order to arouse the enthusiasm of the staff, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the staff and implement the enterprise spirit of "strict management, love and re-implementation", the company decided to set up "Advanced Star", "Best VIP Host Award" and "Best Gentleman Award" after the decision of Henan Zhonglan Industrial Co., Ltd. "Best Performance Award" and other awards to encourage employees to contribute to the company for a long time.

The winners were selected by secret ballot from all employees of Zhong Lan Ai Health, and the best performance was determined by individual sales performance. The award ceremony was presented by Director Zhang Xinhui of Zhonglanai Health Marketing Center. More than 40 leaders and employees participated in the award.

Winners list:

Advanced star: Zhang Yabo

Best VIP hosting Awards: Zhai Xiaohong, Li Xia, Zhang Di, Fan Xiaomin, Wang Qing

Best gentleman Award: Pei Longfei, Zhang Yabo, Wang Ning, Luo Shupeng, Gao Lu Qi

Best performance award: Hu Xuyang, Wang Erqi, Zhang Yingju, Li Lin, Fan Yuanxin

Awards scene:

In this award ceremony, the award-winning colleagues made an exciting speech: thank the company's recognition and award, give oneself an opportunity and platform to prove oneself, will work harder in the future, for the company's development and strength to contribute to one's own strength; Director Zhang concluded: First of all congratulations These employees, with their own efforts to earn this award, hope that the award-winning colleagues continue to work hard, continue to maintain their hearts, but also hope that no award-winning colleagues do not be discouraged, strive hard, strive for the next award, the award conference is over.

In this award ceremony, employees not only see their work is recognized by the company, but also see the company's love for themselves. In the future, the company will continue to make this excellent personal selection as a key work, so that more employees who pay silently on the job can stand out and build. Everyone strives to be an advanced good atmosphere, I believe that the future of Zhonglan will be in this group of loving, inspiring the efforts of the staff to become more powerful!

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