Bear in mind the pioneering efforts to help the poor

"Loyal Lan sentiment is a difficult system, long-term care warm the hearts of the people; industrial poverty alleviation has a responsibility, income generation benefits millions of households." Since its establishment, Henan Zhonglan Industrial Co., Ltd. has responded positively to the Party's poverty alleviation policy and, with the support and concern of the Pingdingshan Jianxian government, helped the poor to become rich at home. On September 1, 2018, at the invitation of Zhonglan Industry, Wu Qijin, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Henan Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China, led the Party Branch, Youth League Committee and trade union members of the branch to Pingdingshan Jiaxian City and Henan Zhonglan High Efficient Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. to open the company. The leaders of the local county government participated in the event.

At about 10:00 a.m., President Wu and his group of 21 people, accompanied by Zhao Sanzhong, chairman of Zhonglan Industry, local government and other leaders, visited the mature mugwort base, stacked and stored in piles of old mugwort, and watched the knowledge competition being held by the company. Listening to the voice of raising hands actively at the competition, watching the orderly arrangement of the old mugwort stack with the year of storage, looking at the endless vigorous growth of mugwort field, the president and his party forgot that it was still raining heavily, and were delighted to have a photo taken with the masses and company leaders who came to greet them.

At the symposium, Zhao Sanzhong, chairman of Zhonglan Company, introduced the company's current operating situation and future development plan. He said that because Zhonglan Industry has a good national policy on rural cultivation, rural labor resources rich advantages, coupled with green health Chinese medicine health concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the company's development prospects are very promising. However, in the early stage of entrepreneurship, there were many difficulties, such as lack of funds, lack of technology, lack of cooperation in labor force, and difficult market development. After hard struggle, we now have four planting bases, 30,000 mu of mugwort, planned planting area of 200,000 mu, and planned to build the largest mugwort planting base in the country. The production line is expected to be completed by the end of the year and will accommodate 2,000 employees. After all the new products are produced, it will become the leading enterprise in the Artemisia argyi industry. At present, all the employees of the company are recruited from more than 20 local natural villages, 80% of which come from poor households. The employment problem of 350 poor households has been solved. The average annual income of the villagers has increased by more than 20,000 yuan, alleviating the pressure of poverty alleviation by the local government. Now the company with the establishment of online and offline diversified sales channels, Zhonglanai Health Brand will go to the world, world renowned.

Xie Zhongguang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Jiaxian County Government and director of the Administrative Committee of the Industrial Agglomeration Zone, introduced in detail the overall economic and social situation of the county, the status quo of the precise poverty alleviation work and the existing difficulties, and highly appraised the branch's support for the local agricultural project construction. President Wu highly appreciated Zhonglan's poverty alleviation and said that under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of the head office, the Henan Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China will, as always, actively support enterprises in its jurisdiction to carry out accurate poverty alleviation, especially industrial poverty alleviation, and carry out the Party Central Committee's war on financial assistance for poverty alleviation through practical actions. A brief plan to give full play to the leading role of policy finance for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way in 2020.

Although the visit is over, Zhong LAN industry has a long way to go. We firmly believe that under the leadership of Chairman Zhao Sanzhong, the company will be more stable pace, with the sense of urgency, unity and struggle, the bank and enterprise to build together, not forget the original heart, create brilliance.

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