Often moxibustion these points, freeing your shoulder periarthritis

Shoulder periarthritis is based on the aseptic inflammation of the soft tissues around the shoulder joint (muscles, tendons, fascia, synovium and joint capsule). It is characterized by paroxysmal pain in the shoulder joint at an early stage, which is often induced by weather changes and fatigue, and then gradually develops into persistent pain, which is worsened gradually, day and night. The active and passive activities in all directions are limited.

When the shoulder is pulled, it can cause severe pain. Shoulder joint can have extensive tenderness, radiation to the neck and elbow, but also different degrees of deltoid muscle atrophy.

In traditional Chinese medicine, periarthritis of shoulder is called "leaking shoulder wind" and "shoulder condensation", etc. it belongs to the category of arthralgia. Shoulder periarthritis often due to old body deficiency, wind, cold, dampness evil multiplied by deficiency, resulting in obstruction of meridians; or fall injury, stasis, blood stasis, Qi and blood can not be done, dysfunction of the nerves and the way caused shoulder periarthritis.

01. Common causes of scapulohumeral periarthritis

One, body deficiency, strain, wind cold invasion of shoulder week;

Two, meridians blocking or labor, trauma and meridians, qi stagnation and blood stasis;

Three, old Qi and blood deficiency, loss of muscle and blood, bad Qi and blood, pain without obstruction. The shoulder meridians belong to the Sanyang.

02. The basic method of moxibustion treatment.

First, the "Shi" point.

Moxibustion on the shoulder tenderness point (pain point is the key, always the first principle of external treatment).

Two, Jiao Huang point

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that all diseases of the body are related to Gao Huang. Therefore, there is a saying of "sports acupoints, except for one disease". Through moxibustion paste, and with Qihai and other acupoints, stimulate the meridian Qi, warming the meridians and collaterals, tonifying fire and dispelling cold, dispelling wind and dampness, strengthening the body and reaching evil, the specimens were reviewed. For rheumatism and cold joint pain, sincerity is the most effective method. ​

Three. Moxibustion at the shoulder well.

Indications for shoulder and back pain, upper limb failure, neck pain and other shoulder neck upper limb disease.

Four, hand three li point

Shu Jing Tong Luo, swelling and pain relief, intestinal clearance, the main treatment of hemiplegia, arm numbness, elbow contracture does not stretch, lumbago does not stretch, lumbago can not lie, shoulder and back diseases.

Above acupoints, once a day, 10 times a course of treatment, rest in the middle of 4 days, into the next course of treatment, the best effect of three courses.

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