Moxibustion regimen: Moxibustion prescription for gynecopathy

Female common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, but because many people lack due knowledge of gynecological diseases, lack of health care of the body, coupled with a variety of adverse living habits, make physical health worse, leading to some female diseases tangled, and long-term treatment, repeated attacks, causing insomnia, restlessness, apathy, internal A series of complications, such as secretion disorder, haggard face, even premature menopause, bring great inconvenience to normal life and work.

Gynecopathy seems difficult to treat. In fact, moxibustion is simple and effective in treating gynecopathy. Let's learn about it.

01 moxibustion methods for cervicitis

Moxibustion selection: Guan yuan, uterus, return, Sanyinjiao and eight Jiao points.

Methods: Moxibustion stick suspension moxibustion or moxibustion apparatus moxibustion, moxibustion to the skin appear red halo, warm and comfortable feeling, each time choose 5-6 points moxibustion 20-30 minutes, seven days a course of treatment, rest one day, and then the second course of treatment, general moxibustion three courses.

02 moxibustion methods for pelvic inflammatory disease

Moxibustion selection: Sanyinjiao and Ai Shi

Methods: Moxibustion stick suspension moxibustion or moxibustion apparatus moxibustion, moxibustion pain points have warm and comfortable feeling, moxibustion to the skin appear red halo, each moxibustion 20-30 minutes, seven days a course of treatment, rest a day or two, then the second course of treatment, general moxibustion 1-2 courses. In addition to moxibustion at Sanyinjiao, moxibustion can also be used to moxibustion the abdominal tenderness point.

03 moxibustion therapy for irregular menstruation

There are many reasons for irregular menstruation, such as work pressure, mental factors, psychological factors, greed (not to be cool) expert analysis: female menstrual cold, pelvic vasoconstriction, leading to ovarian dysfunction, can cause too little menstruation, or even amenorrhea.

Chinese medicine generally calls menstrual disorders as irregular menstruation, and irregular menstruation is summed up as premenstrual, late menstrual, more or less menstruation. But the clinical often is not a simple symptom, such as menorrhea more often and premenstrual, less often and late menstrual.

04 moxibustion methods for treating uterine prolapse

Prolapse of uterus is usually caused by deficiency of qi, disorder of pulse, deficiency of Chong and ren, or excessive labor, dystocia, excessive labor, premature postpartum physical labor, damage of collaterals and kidney qi, and loss of uterus maintenance.

Moxibustion acupoints: Baihui, Shen que, uterus, Sanyinjiao and other acupoints. Baihui can moxibustion with moxa sticks, moxibustion for 10 minutes, once a day. Other acupuncture points can be moxibustion at the same time, so that treatment is more convenient. Sanyinjiao can start once a day, 5 days later, it can be done every other day.

05 moxibustion methods for treating metrorrhagia

Bleeding insipidus is the name of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to describe menorrhagia, such as breaking dikes of rivers and diarrhea, which can occur in all gynecological diseases such as functional uterine bleeding, genital inflammation and tumor. Severe patients can sustain bleeding for more than a dozen days, with a series of severe anemia symptoms, such as paleness, dizziness, shortness of breath, and general weakness.

Moxibustion at Yin Bai point is a simple and effective method to treat metrorrhagia. But when the patient has a large amount of bleeding and is in critical condition, he should be sent to the hospital in time.

The hidden white point is located in the inside of the big toe and 1 points from the toenail angle. Moxibustion suspension moxibustion or moxibustion apparatus moxibustion, moxibustion stick suspension moxibustion 15-20 minutes (first moxibustion on one side, then moxibustion on the other side), moxibustion apparatus moxibustion 25-30 minutes, with Yinbai acupoints around the skin color turned red and hot until.

It can be moxibustion 3~4 times a day, until the bleeding stops, it can continue to moxibustion for 1~2 days, so that the curative effect is more consolidated. When moxibustion, the patient often feels the original tension, anxiety or emptiness of the lower abdomen disappear, and his mood is also cheerful. The amount of menstruation often decreases immediately after moxibustion.

06 moxibustion treatment of leucorrhea

Moxibustion acupoints: pulse, Qi sea, Sanyinjiao and Zusanli. Damp-heat of liver and gallbladder plus Taichong, Xingjian, Yinlingquan, spleen deficiency dampness plus Fenglong, Pishu, Zhongwan, Xiaochangshu, Yinxu dampness-heat plus Shenshu, Taixi, Fenglong, Xingjian.


1. Moxa stick suspension moxibustion at 3-5 acupoints for 10-15 minutes each time, once a day, 7 times as a course of treatment.

2. Moxibustion apparatus mild moxibustion 5-6 points each time, each point moxibustion 25-30 minutes, once a day moxibustion, five times for a course of treatment;

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