The navel is cold and the summer is difficult. 3 V to do umbilical moxibustion, can stay for 10 years of spring!

1, blowing air conditioning: Chen Han did not go, and added new cold

Many people think that summer is the most strong season in the nature of the sun, the human body is the most difficult to be injured by cold evil, so the heart is easy to indulge himself to blow air conditioning and eat cold drinks.

But in fact, on the contrary, summer is the most vigorous period of Yang Qi and the most vulnerable period of human Yang. Because the weather is hot in summer, the pores of human body are open. Compared with other seasons, exogenous pathogens are more likely to invade the human body. Especially from the outside into the indoor, open the pores have not yet closed, at this point in front of the air-conditioning blow, will lead to cold evil into the body. In the body, the body accumulated a winter and spring of the cold not to go, and add new cold, Qi and blood will be condensed by cold gas, causing blood stasis to be astringent - "cold blood clotting, Qi and blood is not through, not through the pain."

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the summer "Yang Yang", which is to warn people not to be too greedy in summer, otherwise it may lead to many diseases.

2. The navel is cold and difficult in summer.

Many people will suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea after blowing air conditioners for a long time. This is caused by cold in the abdomen. In the abdomen, there is a "navel" which is most convenient for cold and evil to invade the human body. The belly button is thin and hollow, without subcutaneous adipose tissue. The skin is directly connected to the fascia and peritoneum, and cold evil can easily invade the human body.

The navel is called the "Shen que point". It is considered as "the umbilicus through the hundred pulse", and the Shen que point is the point of the three pulse rendezvous. It is also the hub of middle and lower coke. It is close to the stomach and the size intestines. It is closely related to the twelve meridians, the five organs and the six organs, the bones and the bones, and the skin and bone. So, navel cold, viscera will be directly involved.

In the life, some women friends in the summer like to wear navel clothes, still sitting in the air conditioning, the body may still be able to live in the young, but after a few years of problems, such as stomach discomfort, a little cold will be abdominal distension, and menstruation is not adjusted, or menstrual amount, or dysmenorrhea amenorrhea. If a male friend often takes a bath without drying it into the air conditioner, it will also cause cold evil from the navel to body, and will also hurt the body. In a word, if you do not pay attention to the warmth of the navel when you are young, it leads to cold evil into the body, and then it will not be expelled in time, and then the root of the disease will fall.

3. To improve the umbilical temperature, the moxibustion is the best.

There are many ways to raise the umbilical temperature, such as hot water bag, massage, exercise, etc., but the most effective method is moxibustion. Because AI is the object of pure Yang, and "Moxibustion" is popularly used to roast with fire and the fire can be cold, so moxibustion is the most suitable for the female with the cold.

The best way to raise umbilical temperature is umbilical moxibustion, namely moxibustion on the navel. This is the two reason:

One is that the navel is the "cure point" of the human body because of the "umbilicus through the hundred veins".

Two, in all the human acupoints, the drug absorption effect at the God que point is the best. Because navel skin is thin and sensitive, umbilical moxibustion has the characteristics of quick absorption and high utilization.

It is these two reasons that the umbilical moxibustion can quickly improve the physiological and pathological activities of the human body, improve the immunity of the human body, let the people have no disease and prolong the life. Therefore, since ancient times, there is a saying that "moxibustion is often used for moxibustion at the top of the temple.

Note: Moxibustion at the Shen que point is especially suitable for ginger partitioned moxibustion. Padding a thin fresh ginger on the navel can protect the skin and spread the breath of ginger to the body. It has a good relieving effect on the dyspepsia and abdominal pain caused by cold evil.

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