Moxibustion at a point supplementing the whole body -- Yongquan point

What many people don't know is that there is an ordinary but powerful hole at the bottom of our feet. Once it is opened, it will flow from the bottom of our feet like a spring of life.

Moxibustion it often, the benefits are unexpected:

1. Strengthen the kidney

Yongquan acupoint is the first acupoint of the kidney meridian, that is, the well acupoint of the kidney meridian, and the well acupoint means the source. The gas of the kidney meridian, like the water from the source, gushes out to irrigate all the limbs around the body, strengthens the body and strengthens the body!

Some people practice the golden chicken independence, want to lead the qi and blood to the feet, actually is to lead to the yongquan hole, this is called the blood to the source. Because yongquan acupoint is also a big hole for the body to extend life and strengthen the body, it can make the kidney essence sufficient, the ear intelligent and the body strong.

Prepare a warm house

The vitality in the kidney is the primary motive force of life and the nature of the human body. It plays a vital role in warming, nourishing, nourishing and stimulating the internal organs of the five organs and organs.

And surging spring is the source of kidney gas, therefore, it is recommended to prepare pregnant moxibustion friends: at night moxibustion before sleep with hot water bubble feet, and then through the moxibustion or massage stimulation of the foot heart of the yongquan hole, can achieve the purpose of tonifying kidney health, maintaining ovaries, for the pregnancy to lay a good foundation.

3. Lower the ignition

As the starting point of the kidney meridian, the kidney meridian connects the kidney, bladder, throat and tongue upward. Therefore, it is the source of human fire qi and has a good function of absorbing fire and inducing fire.

In order to achieve the best effect, you can use hot water for 10 minutes before starting moxibustion yongquan. In the same way, moxibustion upwelling can also relieve the symptoms of fire after moxibustion.

4. Nourishing the kidney and sleeping peacefully

When we regulate insomnia, the spring is an essential point. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney is a water dirty, water under; The heart is the heart of fire, and the fire is upon it. Under normal circumstances, heart fire warms the renal water, making the renal water not cold; At the same time kidney water to the heart, so that the heart Yang not hyperactive. Once this situation changes, there will be heart - kidney failure.

Kidney water deficiency, heart fire relatively vigorous. Once the fire evaporates rise, water cannot contain it, can appear at this time on false fire on the condition of inflammation, performance is upset insomnia, more serious can appear 5 upset heat, night aggravation is the typical manifestation of kidney Yin deficiency.

At this time, it is necessary to transport the heart and kidney, moxibustion yongquan and shenmen, inner door is a good method.

5、Adjust your blood pressure to relieve headaches

Hypertension is a common disease in middle-aged and old people. It is also an important risk factor for stroke, coronary heart disease and other diseases. If often massage, moxibustion yongquan acupoint, can play the role of disease prevention, treatment, health care, long-term persistence of massage yongquan acupoint can activate blood circulation, for the prevention of hypertension and other diseases in the elderly has a good effect.

When suffer from cardiovascular disease, blood pressure often rises, appear headache, vertigo wait for a symptom. According to the theory of "taking the disease from the top and treating it from the bottom", the massage of yongquan acupoint can lead the blood down, make the head relaxed, and have a good effect on headache and vertigo.

6. Moxibustion method

Moxibustion upwelling method, the most commonly used is moxibustion with mild moxibustion. The method is to burn the moxibustion strips every night after washing your feet before going to sleep, and apply moxibustion at a distance of about two fingers from yongquan acupoint. The moxibustion can make the skin feel warm and moist.

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