Is it easy to get air conditioning in summer? Old Chinese medicine teaches you to moxibustion like this

While air conditioning brings comfort to people, it also brings a kind of " disease".  People who work, study and live in an air-conditioned environment for a long time will suffer from stuffy nose, dizziness, sneezing, tinnitus, fatigue, hypomnesia and other symptoms of skin allergy, such as tight and dry skin, susceptibility to allergies, and poor skin.  This kind of phenomenon is called " air conditioning syndrome" or " air conditioning disease" in modern medicine.

 First, the main symptoms of air conditioning disease:

 Different people have different adaptability.  It is usually manifested as chills, fatigue, weakness, aching limbs, muscle joints, headache and lumbago. if it is serious, it may also cause facial distortion. the reason is that the function of vascular nerves in the local tissues of the ear is disordered, causing spasm of the arterioles located in the stylomastoid foramen region, causing primary ischemia of facial nerves, followed by venous congestion, edema, edema and compression of the facial nerve, and facial angle distortion on the affected side.

 Ii. population vulnerable to air conditioning:

 Generally speaking, the most vulnerable people to air conditioning diseases are the elderly, children, women and other weak people.  Most of the elderly and children are due to their low body resistance, while most of the women are due to their thin clothes and bare arms.

 Three, air conditioning disease prone parts:

 01. respiratory tract is most vulnerable

 The respiratory tract is the most fragile. once the air conditioner breaks through the fragile " defense line" of the respiratory tract, the symptoms of colds such as cough, sneezing and runny nose will appear lightly, that is, the upper respiratory tract disease. the air conditioner causes a more serious lower respiratory tract disease, that is, pneumonia.  In particular, working and studying under the central air conditioner, the central air conditioner is very suitable for Legionella spread. the incubation period is about 2 - 12 days. although there is no response to the upper respiratory tract, it is hot, afraid of cold, muscle soreness, dry cough, no sputum or little sputum. if it is not treated in time, it will continue to have a fever, dry cough, chills, and serious death due to respiratory failure.

 In addition, although the room is cold, the humidity is too low, which is not good for the mucous membranes of people's eyes and nose.  The dry environment is suitable for the survival of germs and viruses. people think that when their noses and throat are dry, they should be especially careful about virus invasion.  At the same time, dust and dust mites in the house cannot circulate out, and people with allergic constitution are also prone to allergic reactions.

 02, brain nerve imbalance

 I often hear people who often sit in air-conditioned rooms say, " I feel dizzy, have stars in my eyes, and love to forget things."  According to the introduction, this is the common brain nerve imbalance caused by air-conditioning disease.  Air conditioning not only causes people a cold, but also causes serious brain damage.  Anions contained in the air can inhibit the central nervous system and relieve brain fatigue.  However, the air conditioner has absorbed too many anions, causing more and more cations in the room. the imbalance of anions and cations also causes people's brain and nervous system to follow the imbalance.

 If the indoor air conditioner only makes you dizzy and sick, then the injury of the car air conditioner to the driver's brain nerve adds a bit of danger.  Many drivers who are used to turning on air conditioning sometimes feel tired, headache, numbness of hands and feet in different degrees and other symptoms without any sense. they are easily sleepy in summer, and their brains do not work and their whole bodies feel uncomfortable. they are easily involved in traffic accidents.

 03, joint intestines and stomach easily catch cold

 Young people often do not pay much attention to the joint pain caused by air conditioning, but long-blown air conditioning will have such and such problems.  The outdoor air is scorching in summer and people generally wear less. however, the air conditioning inside the room blows badly and the clothes are so thin. this low temperature environment can stimulate blood vessels to contract sharply and blood circulation is not smooth, resulting in joint damage, cold and pain, such as neck and back stiffness, waist and limbs pain, cold and numbness of hands and feet, etc. are common reactions.

 In addition, too " cold" in the room can easily lead to the weakening of gastrointestinal movement. in addition, in summer, eating cold drinks often leads to the control of " cold" inside and outside the intestinal tract. it is not surprising that many people pull and spit again.

 In fact, this kind of autonomic nerve disorder caused by sympathetic nerve excitation is most easily obtained by young women, mainly manifested in menstrual disorder.  At present, many white-collar women work in the office of the company and are exposed to low temperature air conditioning all day long. at the same time, they need to wear short skirts. their constitution is relatively weak, and their hands and feet dissipate heat very quickly, causing vasomotor disorders.  Such cold stimulation is likely to affect ovarian function, causing ovulation disorder, menstrual disorder or severe abdominal pain.

 Four, air conditioning diseases need moxibustion acupuncture points:

 In summer, moxibustion can dispel wind and cold and regulate and treat air-conditioning diseases.  Acupoints Guanyuan, qihai, Dazhui and Yongquan can be used for moxibustion, and acupoints zhongwan and Zusanli can also be added.

 Moxibustion point 1: Guan yuan point

 [ acupoint selection method ]: ren mai acupoint.  In the lower abdomen, the anterior midline, and the middle and lower umbilicus 3 inches.

 [ moxibustion effect ]: to strengthen the constitution of yuan and regulate qi to return to yang.

 Moxibustion point 2: qihai point

 [ acupoint selection method ] this acupoint is placed on the lower abdomen of the human body and is connected directly above the navel and pubic bone. it is divided into ten equal parts from the position of 3 / 10 of the navel.

 [ moxibustion effect ]: warming yang and invigorating qi, strengthening body resistance and consolidating constitution, and cultivating yuan and tonifying deficiency.

 Moxibustion point 3: Dazhui point

 [ acupoint selection method ]: in the depression under the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra, when selecting a certain acupoint, you are sitting and lowering your head. the acupoint is located at the lower end of the neck of the human body and at the depression under the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra.  If the protruding bone is not obvious, let the patient move the neck and the motionless joints are the first thoracic vertebrae, approximately flush with the shoulder.

 [ moxibustion effect ]: dispel cold in neck and prevent cervical spondylosis.

 Moxibustion point 4: Yongquan point

 [ acupoint selection method ]: at the plantar acupoint of the human body, it is located at the first third of the line between the head end of the 2nd and 3rd toe stitch and the heel at the depression of the forefoot, and it is the lowest part of the whole body Shu acupoint, and it is the first acupoint of the kidney meridian, one for each of the left and right legs.

 [ moxibustion effect ]: dispel cold of lower limbs and regulate spleen and stomach.

 For the above acupoints, once a day, 10 - 15 minutes per acupoint.  Moxibustion lies in external use and internal adjustment. it takes long-term moxibustion to achieve the function of health care. it is important to stick to it!

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