Moxibustion and health care: the moxibustion program of 16 common diseases

Qi and blood deficiency can be supplemented by moxibustion; when the meridians are trapped, moxibustion can be started; meridians and collaterals are blocked; moxibustion can be used; moxibustion can be carried out in those with lower Qi. The use of moxa cone moxibustion to fill the person, do not blow their fire, must be self extinguishing, that is, according to its point; with moxibustion fire and diarrhea, blow its fire quickly, open its point to make the evil spirit come out. Moxibustion is suitable for moxibustion. Moxibustion is mild and mild. Moxibustion is suitable for moxibustion. Syndrome of moxibustion, cold and heat in the presence of syndrome.

The main experiences of using moxibustion to control common diseases are as follows:

1. prevention of apoplexy moxibustion

Before stroke, if the patient appears numbness, vertigo, or temporary tongue strength and bad speech, it can be used as a moxibustion of Baihui, wind pond, shoulder well, Qu Chi, Feng City, Zusanli and bone, each point 2~ 3 points, each point moxibustion 3~5 Zhuang, can prevent stroke.

2. coughing moxibustion

Generally, the cough of deficiency and excess can be treated by moxa stick moxibustion at Tao Tao. The new generation moxibustion 3~ 7 strong, chronic cough moxibustion 5 5 7 Zhuang, moxibustion 1 times a day, 1 times of 10 times.

3. moxibustion and moxibustion

Especially for intractable neurotic vomiting, moxibustion can moxibustion at Shan Zhong, Qi Hai, Neiguan, Wei Yu and Sanyinjiao. The moxibustion of each point is 5~ 7 Zhuang, and the reserve points are: the Tian Ding, the middle Kui, the Dan Yu and the Hegu.

4. moxibustion and moxibustion

Qi deficiency, Moxa Moxibustion of Baihui, Da Zhui, Zhong Wan, Qi Hai, Zusanli; blood deficiency, moxibustion head dimension, sun, Qu Chi, Hegu, Lianshu, spare points: wind pond, diaphragm Yu, spleen Yu, Shen gate, Zusanli, each point moxibustion for 3-5 minutes.

5. vertigo moxibustion

Those with blood deficiency were divided into 1 groups: Moxibustion at Baihui, Shang Xing, Zhi Yang, Gan Shu and PI Shu, moxibustion with Zingiber and large moxa cone. 1 times a day, 10 times for a course of treatment. Phlegm dampness, ginger moxibustion Baihui, Zhong Wan, spleen Shu, Feng long, each point moxibustion 3~ 5 Zhuang.

6. abdominal pain around the umbilicus

Asthenia Cold, moxa stick moxibustion at the que que, Qi Hai, each point moxibustion for 30 minutes to 1 hours, pain stops.

7. lumbar muscle strain

Moxa stick moxibustion Shenshu, waist Yang pass, life gate, Zusanli, each point moxibustion 5-7 Zhuang, 10 days for a course of treatment.

8. deficiency cold diarrhea

Moxa stick moxibustion Tianshu, Qi Hai, Zhong Wan and Zusanli, each moxibustion for 5 minutes.

9. toothache moxibustion

Most of the lower toothache has tender point at the point of Li Li, and the upper toothache is more tender at the point of Xie Xi. It can be partitioned by ginger moxibustion at the point of tender pain, and moxibustion is 10-20 strong at each point.

10. larynx moxibustion

For the sore throat, the author uses moxibustion with big grain and moxa stick to moxibustion 3~ 7 Zhuang. It can also be used for moxibustion at the sea point (double) and moxibustion for 5 minutes per 4~.

11. metrorrhagia moxibustion

Moxa sticks moxibustion Shimen 7 Zhuang, Guan yuan 7 Zhuang, hidden White 5 Zhuang, Sanyinjiao 5 Zhuang, spare points: spleen Shu, Shenshu, Qi Hai, dun, each point moxibustion 5~ 7 Zhuang.

12. moxibustion with excessive leucorrhea

Fang Yi: Moxa Moxibustion, moxibustion, Shenshu, Zhong Shu, Zhong Wan, Qi Hai, middle pole, blood sea, and three yin Jiao, moxibustion of rice grain moxa cone each point moxibustion 5-7 Zhuang, or with moxibustion, 5 minute moxibustion for each cave.

Fang two: moxa stick moxibustion pulse, Guan Yuan, waist Yang Guan, Sanyinjiao, each moxibustion for 5 minutes, moxibustion 1 times a day.

13. children's slow shock

Moxa stick moxibustion at Tai, PI Shu, Wei Shu, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai and Zusanli, each moxibustion for 5 minutes, moxibustion for 1 times a day.

14. children's night crow

Moxa stick moxibustion Gan Shu, life gate, rice grain like moxa cone, each moxibustion 3 Zhuang.

15. colds moxibustion

Moxibustion at lung Yu, Xinshu, every cave moxibustion 3 Zhuang, to prevent cold: Ginger Moxibustion body column, liver Yu, spleen Yu, Shenshu, Wan, Qi sea, Tianshu, every cave moxibustion 3 Zhuang, or moxibustion at Zusanli, every morning moxibustion for 15 minutes, or so on both sides rotation.

16. malaria moxibustion

Moxibustion at the points of large acupoints, moxa cone moxibustion, ginger partitioned moxibustion or moxa stick moxibustion are effective.

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