Women often moxibustion, refusing to gynecopathy

1, treatment of palace cold

The treatment of Gong Han by moxibustion is the first to help the yang to strengthen the Yang, enhance the function of the spleen and kidney, improve the immunity. The female health care of the moxibustion is to warm the kidney in the palace, so as to achieve the effect of warming the cold, biochemical and blood, removing the pain and regulating the endocrine. It can effectively regulate the cold, cold and cold of the women's hands and feet, the fatigue of the waist, the fatigue of the waist and the menstruation and menstruation. Irregular, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and some other gynecological symptoms.

2, treatment of gynecologic inflammation

The most commonly used acupoints are Qi Hai, Guan yuan and Zhongji points in small abdomen. If you have less menstruation, you can add water channel. The "waterway" is also the way out of water, on both sides of Guan yuan. If we rely on the appendicitis below, we can use pelvic inflammatory disease, or hysteritis and cervicitis. These two points are also suitable for male prostatitis, hypertrophy of prostate and hyperplasia of prostate.

3. Treatment of dysmenorrhea

2 days before menstruation, take 3 points, namely, Guanyuan, Qi Hai, Qu Gu, Wai Ling and Sanyinjiao. Each moxibustion for 20 minutes, moxibustion for 4 days.

4. Cold hands and feet

The cold hands and feet are mostly caused by lack of Yang. Moxibustion: Moxibustion at Zusanli and the two points of the great vertebra, adhere to moxibustion for two months, it is very helpful for meridians, reinforcing deficiency and dispelling cold.

5. Palace cold infertility

Acupoint: Zhong Wan, Shen que, Guan yuan, uterus, return.

6, defuse hyperplasia of mammary glands

The burning of herbs and warm stimulation can directly resolve the trouble of female mammary gland hyperplasia and improve the insufficiency of myocardial blood supply. Moxibustion in the breast and the lower part of the axillary, can warm the breast and its milk collaterals, so that Qi and blood dredge, heavy moxibustion on the breast lump, can promote the dissipation of stasis; moxibustion Neiguan and Zusanli, can dredge the viscera meridian, yin and Yang, Yang Qi, can promote the breast mass dissipation, strengthen the constitution, and benefit the recovery of milk disease.

7, regulation of Endocrinology

Female moxibustion conditioning, inside and nourishing, specimen and treatment, through the regulation of the endocrine system, so that the human body's Yin and Yang blood is sufficient and reach the front, nourishing the efficacy of the five senses skin, can desalination, skin melanin, eliminate edema, eye bag, black eye and so on, effectively improve the face weariness, make the female skin ruddy and elastic. Sex, no wrinkles, no spots, beauty at the same time, through Endocrinology and other systems to play a role in weight loss, eradication of gynecological diseases.

8, acne

Chinese medicine thinks, overeating fat sweet smell, even the spleen and stomach damp heat inside steam; or lung meridian heat, outside wind evil; or other causes cause blood heat implication, can produce acne. Moxibustion for acupoints: Qu Chi, Hegu.

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