Foreign students visit learning from loyal LAN

In recent years, with the further development of Zhong Lan's domestic and foreign market, the brand awareness of the company is also getting higher and higher. In June 22, 2018, three foreign students from Africa and Thailand came to Zhengzhou, accompanied by the sales manager Zhu Junxi and the business manager, Zhang Ning, for a day's visit.

The three students first came to the production base of Zhong LAN AI's health in Jiaxian, Pingdingshan, and visited the workshop of powder, sorting, production, storage and packaging, and watched every process of the product. During the entire visit, the factory director and the sales manager accompanied them all the way and explained them in detail. The three students and the grass came to a zero distance contact. They have said that this tour of Zhong LAN AI's health is both a visit and a study. They have brought endless charm and insight to the investigation. Subsequently, the company managers took three foreign students to the field of AI grass planting base to make a field visit to witness the origin of the life of wormwood.

In the afternoon, the team came to the headquarters of the marketing center of Zhong LAN AI's health in Zhengzhou. Li Xia, the manager of the Ministry of health international trade of Zhong LAN AI, and Lu Qi, a lecturer in the training of Chinese medicine in the marketing center, explained the moxibustion health knowledge and the moxibustion products of Zhong LAN ai Kang. The beautiful products and sound explanations made the students present thumbs up frequently.

After the visit, the three students said the day was full and felt the great effort of Zhong Lan's health in the maintenance of human health. From the reaping, sorting, pulverizing, packing of the leaf to the finished factory, every detail and process showed the health of allegiance to the truth. They believe that Zhong Lan's health will always be better, and they will also bring the strict and strict craftsman spirit of Zhong Lan's health back to his country, and let more people know the health of Zhong LAN AI, understand moxibustion, and understand health health.

It is not only the mission of Zhong Lan's health, but also the consistent pursuit and dream of Zhong Lan's health. In the future development, Zhong LAN AI health will keep this mission and pursuit into the plan of a hundred years dream of loyal LAN, and continue to strive for this goal in the future. Building beauty Zhong LAN AI health, rooted in every blood of Zhong LAN people, is strength, faith, and a pillar for building a century of loyalty and dream.

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