Condensing force, smelting team

The importance of communication, cooperation, cohesion, mutual motivation, harmonious interpersonal relations and compliance with group norms is felt to further enhance colleagues' understanding of the strength of the team. In May 31, 2018, all employees of allegiance's health opened the Zhengzhou Tong Music Square. An outdoor outward bound training focused on "condensing the heart and melting the team" has been launched.

The outdoors training began at 8:50 in the morning. In order to drive the rhythm of outdoors expansion training, before the formal start of the activities, loyal colleagues started a military training, although it was just a simple queue training, but the team members realized that a good queue was a team momentum. One of the ways.

The outdoor training is made up of "from A to B", "target market", "basketball match", "rope skipping" and "throwing handkerchief". In every game, the team members gather, unite and cooperate successfully with thinking and sweat; each game is simple but simple. The players learned much more than the game itself. In the game "from A to B", each member learned to innovate and further deepened the understanding of the brainstorming; in the "target market" game, the players showed the spirit of the courage to try and dare to be the first. "Ball games" and "rope skipping" let the team players in the busy work to strengthen the body, and understand that only a concerted team can bring the hope of victory. "Lost handkerchief" is to let the players in the intense and tense competition to ease the mood, recollection of the childhood classics, although each game is different, but the game is different, but the game is different It was a profound feeling for the players.

In this expansion training program, a well-designed expansion project inspired the keen interest and enthusiasm of loyal Ai Jiankang colleagues. Although the outdoors training was only a short time in the morning, the things that the players learned from them could not be calculated in time. The positive participation of the family, the challenge and the challenge of self, the encouragement between the players, the spirit of not giving up, is far more exciting than the game. This outdoor training not only further promotes the collective sense of belonging to the healthy family of Zhong LAN AI, but also shows the unyielding spirit of the faithful. . We believe that in the future work, all the staff of Zhong LAN AI will be able to work together to create a brilliant new chapter.

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