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       The Company has a large-scale planting base and stable channels of raw materials, giving a practical guarantee for the quality and quantity; it has established an industrialized moxa production base covering an area of 200 acres, and formed a perfect production processes ranging from raw material storage, extraction and refining and assembly-line production. It is able to produce more than 600 kinds of moxa series products and derivatives; the Company has set up a marketing center and built a national marketing business network with Zhengzhou as the center. Targeted at the global market, it is gradually realizing the global strategic plan.

       Further pursuing moxa effect, developing and disseminating moxa health knowledge sustainably.

       Taking the development strategy of moxa industry chain as its own duty, Zhong Lan Moxa Health adheres to the essence of traditional Chinese moxibustion culture. With the integration of advanced medical science and technology, it improves the image of moxibustion technology and is continuously developing sophisticated moxa health care products.

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