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       With the widespread contamination of industrial environment in the 21st century and the trend of pursuing green natural life, traditional Chinese medicine has become the common pursuit of modern human to preserve good health. As a traditional Chinese regimen inherited in thousands years, moxibustion has been widely accepted by modern humans.

       Health and beauty consumptions are increasingly becoming the two hot spots of health care consumption, which are characterized by the following four trends: 

       1. Rising daily consumption
       According to the National Statistical Yearbook, residents’ health consumption in 1997 accounted for 5.9% of total consumption expenditure. In 2007, it rose to 8.7%. With the improvement of living standards, the proportion and amount of beauty and fitness consumption is bigger and bigger to the residents' total consumption.

       2. Paying attention to health 
       In 1987, the proportion of medical consumption to health consumption is about 9.8:0.2, while in 2007, it rose to about 7:3. Obviously, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people are paying much more attention to health. Health consumption has been developed from the original "disease curing" to "disease prevention" mode. In the field of beauty, people's consumption habits have shifted from only paying attention to external maintenance to a new state of external and internal cultivation. 

        3. Green health care
       Green health care is a way curing diseases and doing no harm to human health. Along with the advancement of civilization, people have realized that antibiotics, though cures diseases, brings great harm to human health. With a history of thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine, such as food therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, is a typical representative of green health care. The green therapy with traditional Chinese medicine as the core becomes a worldwide trend widely applied, and is attracting more and more attention from people. Similarly, chemical synthetic beauty products are gradually replaced by biological beauty products. 

       4. Prevalent health and fitness
       Health care is the inevitable trend of human development and survival. The passive physiotherapy concept of curing diseases has been abandoned gradually, and active prevention, health preserving and loving life has become a new trend. This is also in line with the concept of traditional Chinese medicine of "nip disease in the bud". Health care has become an emerging and promising industry. Moxibustion, as one of the representative of green traditional Chinese therapy, is gradually accepted by consumers due to its special effect of "nip disease in the bud". 

       Moxibustion health, therefore, has a good mass base and cultural background in domestic health care industry. Having good market prospects for development, moxibustion will become the leading brand in health care industry.

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